Mhasalkar v. Chawmania (widely referred to as the Mhasalkar Decision) is a Major Chawosaurian Historic Landmark decision that denied the Existence of Human Rights of Religious Freedom and Secular Equality and decided that as long as the War on Terror still reigns its era, Chawosauria must remain a State Atheist Regime. The first case decided under the sovereignty of the Chawosaurian Empire, one of the last cases argued under the Sovereignty of the Imperial Chawallian Empire, this case survived through the Imperial Chawallian Empire to the Continent Union. It is Chawosauria's own Dred Scott Decision.

A Hindi Chawosaurian man, Damodara Mhasalkar demanded for his civil right to worship Hinduism, but he was denied by the Chawosaurian Legislation of Federal Law and demanded to go to the Chawmanian Supreme Court, on November 26, 2015, the case went to the Supreme Court, the case was trying to overturn Powell v. Chawmania, which was a failed case attempted to Legalize Christianity. But the Religious Community and Religious Freedom Movement would go on to lose in a Decisive Defeat in the Chawosaurian Supreme Court.

On the Crack of Dawn of February 14, 2017, the Supreme Court of Chawosauria has ruled against the Religious Community, the Bureau of World Religions and Spiritual Traditions were disappointed in the Injustice of the Chawosaurians but they continued the Religious Freedom Movement.

On November 5, 2017, nine months after the judgment of this case, the Collins-aligned Judges disclosed that the reason why they rejected Religious Persecution as a Human Rights Violation was that the Orlando Attacks in the United States on June 12, 2016, strongly convinced them that Religion seems to cause violence and war rather than unity. On December 8, 2017, the Bolesloregonian Civil Rights Commission concluded a Criticism of this Decision as it is Chawosauria's very own Dred Scott Decision.

On January 3, 2018, Chawopolis Times and Chawopolis Tribune labeled the Mhasalkar Decision, "the most decisive landmark decision in the History of Chawosauria on both sides". On March 3, 2018, the critics of the Mhasalkar Decision dispersed this decision as "the Massacre Decision". February 14, 2018, on the first anniversary of the decision, February 14th became the anniversary day of the date the final decision took place.

The Mhasalkar Decision is the most powerful judicial ruling the lights Chawosauria has ever imposed on Chawosaurian Society.

History Edit

Arrest of Damodara Mhasalkar Edit

An illegal hindu immigrant from the U.S. was arrested for Hinduism and illegal immigration at the Chawosaurian airport, the police held Mhasalkar in the security room in the airport to check his bag for weapons, the Chawosaurians began to report the arrest on the news.

Prosecution and Appeals Edit

The Court in November 23, 2015 took place and the judge wanted to find Mhasalkar guilty for his religion, attorneys demanded Mhasalkar tobe treated like an equal citizen as many others, but the judge disagrees, Mr. Damodara Mhasalkar said that he is going to the Supreme Court of Chawmania.

Civil Rights Battle of the Hindus Edit

Hindu Civil Rights Movement in Chawosauria Edit

Chawosauria refuses to recognize Civil Rights for people who are hindu, the military, also their police, attacked the rallies and shot millions of Hindus, including women and children, the Chawallians and Chawmanians had send many armed forces to control the Civil Rights Rallies and Protests and the leader of Chawmania, Samantha Wawetseka ordered the military to massacre the Hindus with any force they can.

The Chawosaurians had send alot of soldiers to massacre the Hindus as worse as they can and promote the Hindus as criminals, the Chawosaurians send the armed forces and the missiles to launched at Hindus and the Chawosaurians had send over 60,236,7881 soldiers to restrain the Hindus.

The Chawosaurians demanded to take action, the Hindus had got attacks from bikers, soldiers and the people themselves, the case would be effective to the Hindus as part of the people who are treated like criminals.

Argument Edit

The Chawosaurians had began to argue over the issue of Hinduism, the religion would be the first religion in Chawosauria tobe legalized, but Chawosauria would not protect Hindus from Discrimination.

Sharron Lawson ask questions and orders people to speak their opinions and advises, and then she'll decide over the case.

Acceptance of Hinduism Edit

Chawosauria has opposed religion since Timothy Max Roosevelt and the Judges of the Court have argued that Religion brings terrorism and not love or the strength of faith, in which, the courts have argued that if they legalized Hinduism, all of other World Religions will be legalized, including those believe in Terrorism.

Acceptance of World Religions Edit

The Supreme Court re-argued on March 1, 2016 over the issue of the Acceptance of the Beliefs in Violence over non-violent religions and innocent people, the courts argued that Hinduism, becoming the first or only religion being legalized, will mark the beginning of the end of Chawosauria by future religious terrorism, Chawosaurian Courts of the People argued that Religious Beliefs in Violence will destroy Chawosauria, destroy Chawosauria's identity, Chawosauria's biggest problems with Religion, is terrorism.

September 11 2001 Attacks Edit

The September 11 Attacks was a religious extremist invasion on the United States, it marked the beginning the beginning of the War on Terror, Courts argued that Religious Intolerance by Islam is caused by the United States' right to religious freedom and because the USA is a superpower.

War on Terror Edit

The War on Terror is a group of wars involving NATO and non-NATO nations against Islamic Extremists, for which the United States was the main target of the Islamic Terrorists, but they got ended up having to fight with almost the entire world due to 9/11, Chawosauria fears terrorism and religion.

Supporters and Opponents Edit

Supporters of Mhasalkar v. Chawmania Edit

There are Chawosaurians who do support the freedom of religion, however, Chawosauria have been opposing the case because Chawosauria is a State Atheist state.

Unitarian Universalist Chawosaurians Edit

The Unitarian Universalist Chawosaurians are the biggest people in Chawosauria that support the case because they do want freedom of religion, Unitarian Universalist Chawosaurians faced discrimination, but they believe that people should be forgiven and changed.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual Chawosaurians Edit

LGBTQIA Chawosaurians are the second largest people in Chawosauria to support freedom of religion, Chawosauria does outlaw Discrimination, but LGBT Rights in Chawosauria are advanced since 2016, but outlawed by the Chawosaurian Authorities, Abooksigun Eluwilussit signed the Chawmanian Platform that added support for sexual orientation and gender identity, but the Chawallians did not, Chawosauria's people do tolerate LGB People, but not Transgenders, Intersex and Asexual Chawosaurians, LGBT added Intersex and Queer and Asexuals and Poly and Pansexuals in the groups.

Liberals, Libertarians, Greens and Democratic Socialists Edit

Chawosaurians who are Liberals, Libertarians, Greens and Democratic Socialists support freedom of religion. The Democratic Socialists believe in Social Democracy, which is Democracy with Equal Rights and Opportunity and a State-Run Healthcare system along with a Capitalist Economy, Liberals support more freedom including LGBT Rights and Same-Sex Marriages, Abortion Rights and more freedoms. While Libertarians want more freedom (including freedom from government) and they do support religious freedom.

Bureau of World Religions and Spiritual Traditions Edit

The BWRST is a Unitarian Universalist Association and Bureau that does support religious freedom, they advocate for Direct Democracy, Liberalism and more.

Chawmanian Liberal Party and Chawmanian Green Party Edit

Both the Liberal and Green Party supports the freedom of their faith, as they would continue to advocate for social justice for Chawosauria.

Opponents against Mhasalkar v. Chawmania Edit

Chawosauria widely oppose the existence of religion or the idea of the existence of god, Chawosauria widely believe religion brings terrorism because of the September 11 Attacks and Chawosaurian Governments still widely oppose the legalize of religion.

Timothy Max Roosevelt ii Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt ii (6)

Timothy Max Roosevelt ii has opposed the idea of the existence of god or religion or other ideas of god or religion since his youth.

Chawallian Premier, Timothy Max Roosevelt ii had opposed religion since his youth, Chawosauria supported Timothy's antitheist ideas and Christianophobic or Anti-Christian Sentiment Ideas to prevent religion existing in Chawosauria, Timothy ii said that legalizing religion is just like legalizing Pedophilia, Child Marriage, Timothy ii accused some religion as supportive towards Pedophilia, Child Marriage, rape in marriage, Timothy ii described religion as supportive towards multi-marriage, Gay Marriage and more, Timothy ii's most hated religion is Christianity, he described Christians as Racists, Homophobic and Antisemitic and opposing other people's religions and or ethics, Timothy ii said in an interview with Johnathan Saint Montgomery VII, he said, "Christians support Child Marriage, they support murder and they support war against innocent countries, they want Pedophilia, they want Zoophilia and they want White Supremacy", Timothy ii was asked if he believes that Christians believe in love, he said, Christians believe no such thing, they support hate and rape.

Timothy Max Roosevelt ii was raised under his father's Anti-Christian Ethnics, Timothy ii has been murdering Christians and supported his father with murdering Christians.

Timothy ii warned to the Chawmanian Supreme Court, "Watch what you say, because if you say, let's accept Christians, then you're saying, lets accept rape and terrorism and sex with animals".

Abooksigun Eluwilussit Edit

Abooksigun Eluwilussit

Abooksigun Eluwilussit accepts Christians, but he witnessed some Christian Extremism in the United States against the Gay Rights Movement and Muslim Americans due to the September 11 Attacks.

Abooksigun Eluwilussit accepts Christians, but when living in the United States, he witnessed Christian Terrorism from the Civil Rights and Gay Rights Movements to the Aftermath of the September 11 Attacks, his deep concerns for Religious Extremism and he said "Accept People regardless of religion, but don't legalize religion because i have a phobia towards religious extremism".

Abooksigun said that while living in the United States, they have been religious extremist attacks against the Gay Rights Movement, Pro-Abortion Movement, other religions and the September 11 Attacks was a religious extremist invasion and there had been Christian Terrorism among Muslim Americans since the attacks.

Abooksigun also witnessed the Government of the United States opposing Muslim Rights because of the September 11 Attacks, he heard that a 2016 Republican Candidate, Ted Cruz said that he wanted to police watch Muslim Neighborhoods, while Donald Trump wanted to ban Muslims from entering the United States in any way, immigration, traveling, more.

Chawosauria's response to Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Religious Liberty Act Edit

Sequoyah Bisahalani

Sequoyah Bisahalani argued that Mississippi's Religious Liberty Act is a discriminatory policy, he was also in charge of the Important Argument on April 26, 2016 over the issue of Proposition 11.

Mississippi's Anti-Gay Religious Liberty Act Edit

In April of 2016, the State of Mississippi passed the Religious Liberty Act, which would allow the civilians of the state of Mississippi to discrimination Homosexuals because their sexual orientation conflicts their religious beliefs.

Mhasalkar v. Chawmania Rally Edit

On April 21, 2016, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court heard the State of Mississippi passed the Anti-LGBT Religious Liberty Act, which would allow discrimination against the LGBT Community in the state, however, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court re-argued on April 24, 2016 that the case of Mhasalkar will cancel the decision date from January 17, 2017 to February 17, 2017.


Jewish Councils meeting on April 21, 2016 in Alaska to help strengthen Lawson v. Chawmania and oppose Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Bill

Lawson v. Chawmania summit Edit

On April 21, 2016, the Jewish Rights Activists responded to Mississippi's discriminatory policy with getting to Supreme Court of Chawosauria to rule Mhasalkar against Homophobia, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court to use Lawson v. Barnwall as a metaphor against Mississippi's discriminatory policy and also, the court of appeals has not yet argued with Lawson yet.

Victoria Lawson responded to Mississippi as well, by saying that, Homophobia is a disease that must be treated with some type of treatment and the unacceptably response to the LGBT Rights Movement is not tobe allowed in the United States.

By June 30, 2016, Victoria Lawson will announce her support for Proposition 11.

Proposition 11 Edit

The Supreme Court of Chawosauria ruled in favor of Prop 11, Proposition 11 is an initiative or regulation that prohibits the legalization of Christianity because of Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Religious Liberty Act, and prohibits Christians from being protected from discrimination, military discharge, bullying, death threats from other civilians, Anti-Christian Protests infront of their homes, and more.

  • Proposition 11 prohibits protecting Christians from discrimination, bigotry and hate speech.
  • Proposition 11 prohibits the offering of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity for Christians.
  • Proposition 11 prohibits Government creation of Affirmative Action Programs for Christians.
  • Proposition 11 prohibits Government Regulation favoring Christian Civil Rights.
  • Proposition 11 favors the persecution of those Christians in Chawosauria, who supported Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Religious Liberty Act because in Chawosauria, Homophobia is socially unacceptable and Homophobia is even a serious capital crime.

Chawosauria and their people widely condemns and negatively judge Homophobia and they have laws regulating Homophobia so negatively, Homophobia had been a serious capital crime since 1943 since the Homophile Movement in the 1940s.

Bureau of World Religions and Spiritual Traditions' Lawsuit Edit

The BWRST (since Damodara Mhasalkar has passed away), became in charge of the Mhasalkar v. Chawmania Lawsuit, which Mhasalkar v. Chawmania became an interfaith lawsuit, Chawosauria's first Interfaith Human Rights Lawsuit.

The Chawosaurian Government also took control over the lawsuit to defend the Federal Law of Chawosauria, which bans world religions from being believed in and worshiped and practiced, and defend Chawosauria's right to persecute on the basis of religion.

Besides, what is the Bureau of World Religions and Spiritual Traditions?, well it's an interfaith human rights organization that seeks to remove Chawosauria's anti-religious laws and remove the society of Antitheism and Antithesis in Chawosauria, their mission in Chawosauria is to Liberalize Chawosauria is laws that protects a religious group from the fear of persecution, discrimination, bias, bigotry, hate speech, Government Discrimination and Democide.

BWRST's Argument Edit

The BWRST argued that Religious Persecution and Discrimination, are human rights violations, the attorney of the BWRST, Sequoyah Bisahalani, argued that Freedom of Religion should be a human right in Chawosauria and the Government should protect, along with Secular State with Freedom of Religion.

BWRST's Chief Attorney Edit

The Chief Attorney of the BWRST, is Sequoyah Bisahalani, defender of human rights for the Religious Minorities and the Mhasalkar Family, Damodara Mhasalkar, the plaintiff of this case, died in prison on March of 2016.

Remembrance of the Case's Plaintiff Edit

Damodara Mhasalkar (plaintiff of Mhasalkar v. Chawmania), died on March 18, 2016 in prison, the Chawosaurian Government ordered to build a Human Rights Memorial for Mhasalkar and honor him for bringing this case against Chawosauria's Anti-Religious Laws.

Roles of World Religions and Spiritual Traditions in the case Edit

Christians' Role in the Mhasalkar v. Chawmania case Edit

Jesus Christ

Chawosaurian Made Portrait of Jesus Christ, being used for as good luck.

Chawosauria's attitudes towards Christianity is a matter of hatred, anger and outrages, the Christians are trying their hard working best, to please the Chawosaurian Government for political recognition of their Equal Rights and Opportunity, but the Chawosaurian Government refused to give that to the Christians, they brought up Charleston v. Chawmania, but Chawosauria rejected the case and decided to move on to Mhasalkar case.

Chawosauria's ambitions towards the Christian Civil Rights Movement is very off the chain insane, the Chawosaurian Police used domestic action and force to restrain the movement and defend the Persecution of Christians in Chawosauria, however, the Christians are still trying their hard working best, to overrule Timothy Max Roosevelt's teachings against Christianity, trying to overrule his condemnations against the faith itself.

Arrest of Angela Parker Edit

Angela Parker

Angela Parker was an Anglican Minister, and the first female Christian Minister in Chawosauria, but she was arrested by the Chawosaurians because she was Christian and was charged with section 126-2106 of the Chawosaurian Penal Code.

Angela Parker was arrested on April 27, 2016 and she was charged with $ 200.87 because she was an Anglican-Christian, she was finger printed and she was checked for drugs and she was checked for a Bible, which is an illegal item against Chawosauria.

Angela was born in 1946 in California, she was baptized when she was an infant, she was converted into the Episcopal Church (USA) and she was raised by her mother to serve the lord with the best of her ability.

On the morning of April 27, 2016, Angela got surrounded by the Chawosaurian Police, she was being arrested because of one reason, she was a Christian, in Chawosauria, Christianity is against the law in Chawosauria under section 126 of the Chawosaurian Penal Code, and she was charged with $ 200.87 under section 126-2106 of the Penal Code as well, she was sentenced to life imprisonment instead of death, as Chawosauria plans on repealing the Death Penalty for Christians, even though they're still enforcing it, but not for every Christian.

On May 13, 2016, on the fifth anniversary of Timothy Max Roosevelt's death, The Chawosaurians decided to release Angela and send her back to America.

Jewish Roles in the Mhasalkar v. Chawmania case Edit

Arrest of Victoria Lawson Edit

Victoria Lawson

Victoria Lawson, a Jewish woman who was arrested by the Chawosaurians because she was jewish and is being sued by Farmer, Johnny Barnwall because she was living right next to his barnyard.

On December 20, 2015, A Jewish Woman, Victoria Lawson, was arrested in her own home, just because she was different, but what is so wrong, is that the Farmer, Barnwall, wanted to sue Chawosauria because he had a Jew for a neighbor, by suing Victoria Lawson herself, and that created a pending case, the case is called, Lawson v. Barnwall.

Victoria Lawson was a 74 year old woman, who was a mother of 12 Children, her husband died in 2002 and she worked as a nurse provider, Victoria had a Jewish Family, she was born in Israel and immigrated to the United States in 1956, she worked for the women's rights movement and she did not support any U.S. Political Party.

She married Jacob Brusaw in 1971 and had twelve Children, her husband passed away of a stroke on June 20, 2002 and she became lonely, except she still has her children around.

Victoria Lawson's persecution has became a spark of the beginning of the Chawosaurian Jewish Civil Rights Movement, one of Chawosauria's revolutionary and discriminatory persecutions.

Unitarian Universalists in Mhasalkar v. Chawmania Edit

Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalist Candle, the fire and candle symbolizes the faith itself.

The Unitarian Universalist Chawosaurians play a great and powerful significant role in the case itself, 80% of civilians brutally hate the Unitarian Universalists, but get out spoken support from a 10% of it's civilians.

The Chawosaurian Government felt threatened by their presents from when the first Unitarian Universalists first immigrated to Chawosauria in 2015. The Chawosaurian Government passed discriminatory laws targeting the Unitarian Universalists, the BWRST had supported the Unitarian Universalists and wanted to create a bureau for them to get them started with their advocacy for Human Rights, the Unitarian Universalists are hoping that someday, they'll get Favorable Treatment from the Government and will someday receive Equal Rights and Opportunity.

The Unitarian Universalists' role in the fight for Freedom of Religion are protesting with signs that says "Stand on the side of Love" and protest that all people of the world are all loved and not hated by everyone, these protests are a help out to the Freedom of Religion Movement. The Chawosaurians and the Unitarian Universalists have been arguing over U.U. Rights.

Buddhist Role in Chawosauria Edit


Buddhist People in a temple, worshiping their deities

Buddhism is almost widely ignored in Chawosauria, however, Buddhists do get arrested in Chawosauria if they practice their religion illegally, but the biggest part of Chawosauria is that Hinduism is widely ignored than Buddhism.

Christianity is not ignored, but is being payed attention to in a negative manner, and Chawosaurians are treating Christians in a hateful and unrepresented manner.

While Buddhists are just ignored in Chawosauria, but receive attentions from Chawosauria, by getting arrested for their religion, Chawosaurians beat Buddhists up when the Buddhists tries to defend their faith, Buddhist Fundamentalists get raped by Chawosaurians when they also try to defend their faith and attack Chawosauria, or already did attacked Chawosauria already.

Arrest of Gaozong Kingston Edit

Gaozong Kingston

Gaozong was a Buddhist leader and he was arrested because he was reported by a radical Anti-Buddhist Group.

On April 27, 2016, A Buddhist Leader, Gaozong Kingston, was arrested for his religion, an Anti-Buddhist Hate Group called the Chawosaurian Law Enforcement because he was Buddhist, and not for a specific crime, like robbery, assault and rape, as the Chawosaurian Police went to see what's the problem, the Group told the police that there are Buddhists in Gaozong's home, doing some kind of worship, But know this, Gaozong's home, was actually a Private Residence, As in, a personally owned private residence.

In Chawosauria, Buddhists don't have protection from religious persecution in their private homes, Chawosaurian Law states that, regardless of private residence or not, if a citizen is worshiping, that citizen must be arrested and punished. Gaozong attempted to defend his liberty by refusing to do what the Chawosaurian Police says, but, the Chawosaurian Police broke him down by resoling him to the floor and punched and kicked him out of his house and pushed him in the Prisoner Transport Vehicle and slammed the door on his face.

Equal Rights and Opportunity Edit

Destroy Prejudice

An Equal Rights Poster

The Chawosaurian Supreme Court Justices argued that Religious Minorities are criminals, and criminals are widely considered unfit for Equal Rights and Opportunity, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court refused to see the diversity of these Minorities and so did the Chawosaurian People, however, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court Justices believe that the Religious Minorities are fine with facing Discrimination and Persecution, even though the Religious Minorities refused to face Discrimination and Persecution, Chawosauria wanted to rule in favor of the Death Penalty against the Religious Minorities and the Religious Minorities demand tobe treated equally just like Secular Chawosaurians, but the Chawosaurian Justices felt that the Religious Minorities seem they want power and authority over Chawosauria, but in reality, Chawosauria is really mistreating the religious minorities, by passing laws against their religions, basically making their religions as federal crimes, and arresting them without telling them their Miranda Rights and give them the right to speedy trail.

Discriminatory Chawosaurian Religious Persecution Edit

Christian Rights Signs

A Christian Equal Rights Protest Sign, used to give the Chawosaurian Government a message that the Christians want and demand Equal Rights of respect under the law and are tired of being pushed around by the law itself.

Chawosauria takes Religious Persecution as an abuse, for example, when a Religious Minority is arrested based on his or her religion, and not for a specific crime, like rape or robbery, the police don't give or tell that minority any Miranda Rights, they don't handcuff that minority, they just grab him or her and attack him or her to the ground, and carry him or her away with Extreme Military Force.

Chawosaurian Police Officers are suppose to give Individuals Miranda Rights when crimes are committed, including for a crime of Religious Practice and Belief, but on Religious Minorities, the Chawosaurian Police don't do that, when arresting someone because of religion, that religious individual gets beaten up by the Police and their children also gets arrested as well, in Chawosauria, it's against the law to arrest women and children, but on Religious Minorities, the police do it anyway, and when an individual is arrested, they are suppose tobe given the right to a speedy fair trail, but, on Religious Minorities, that law is not being enforced.

Respect for the People Movement Edit

Unitarian Universalist Protests

A Unitarian Universalist Protest Sign, demanding that all of Chawosauria's citizens get respected by the Government and the Law.

Chawosauria's stance on Human Rights are not served on the table very well, Unitarian Universalist Chawosaurians are well considered as Criminals, but they do get arrested alot, the Chawosaurian Anti-Religious Laws are the most abused and most strictest of the nation, that addresses the freedom to condemn religion both socially and personally, Chawosauria socially and openly discriminates on the basis of religion and the Chawosaurian Government doesn't care because they believe in the freedom of discrimination, Religion is both socially and publicly unacceptable.

Chawosauria has been angry towards Humanists, a Humanist is a person who is secular, prefers critical thinking, but believes also that Religion is cultural and common, but in Chawosauria, A Secular Chawosaurian, Manny Olsen, was fired off his job, for supporting the Freedom of Religion Movement.

Manny Olsen Edit

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion Sign

On April 27, 2016, A Chawosaurian Truck Driver, Manny Olsen, is a Humanist also, got fired off his job because he was protesting at a Freedom of Religion Protest outside the Chawosaurian Government Building, his brother, Jacob Olsen, kicked Manny out of the apartments for the same reason, and got disowned by his parents also for his support for Freedom of Religion in Chawosauria, Manny is an activist who protests for the Legalization of Christianity, Equal Rights and Opportunity for Religious Minorities, Manny's cousin attempted to beat Manny up for his support for the Legalization of Christianity, but the Christian Protesters got him off from Manny, but his cousin punched a Christian Protester in his face and said to the Christian Protester "Die you Faggot", and got arrested by the Chawosaurian Police for assault, not to the Christian, but to Manny.

Chawosaurian Religious Persecution Edit

Chawosaurian Religious Persecution is very harsh and very brutal, worse than the Persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia and or more, Chawosauria has criminal rights for everybody, but the rights are not being enforced by the Chawosaurian Police on Religious Minorities, Manny Olsen and his brother, Jacob Olsen, were raised in an Antitheist Household, meaning they were raised that Religion is trash and Atheism is the supreme religion of the world. Manny Olsen's cousin, Lucas Olsen, has been the most Antitheist person in the Olsen Family.

Webb v. Olsen Edit

Chiasa Webb

Chiasa Webb, one of the Plaintiffs of the Webb v. Olsen case

On April 30, 2016, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court argued on the case of Webb v. Olsen because of the Webb Family in the AK lost their recognition of Interfaith Marriage and Relationships, Mr and Mrs Webb, or Mr. Juneau Webb and Chiasa Webb are a Humanist-Interfaith Married Couple, who's marriage are being forced tobe Annulled by the Chawosaurian State Government of Alaska.

Webb v. Olsen is Chawosauria's very first sweeping supreme court case on Marriage in Chawosauria, it doesn't just support Interfaith Marriage, it Liberally advocates regarding, Interracial Marriage, Interfaith Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Cousin Marriage, Mixed-Orientation Marriage (inter-sexual orientation marriage) and Lavender Marriage.

Juneau Webb and Chiasa Webb are an Interracial and Interfaith Married Couple, but here's the question, why is the case, Webb v. Olsen, well on April 29, 2016, a man named Jacob Olsen, who was the one who kicked Manny Olsen out of his apartment because of his support for the Freedom of Religion Movement, heard sounds from the upstairs apartment, Jacob thought someone was being murdered, and called the police, once the police came, which was 2 minutes later, Jacob pointed at the apartment of where the sounds were coming from, the Chawosaurian Police went to the apartment, which was not locked, and found a couple, committing a sexual intercourse, but the Police realized, based on the woman's religious ring, was Buddhist, Juneau Webb's son, Jacob Webb, a Humanist, was having a sexual intercourse with a Buddhist Woman, the Chawosaurian Police arrested the couple, and were held in custody overnight, and Jacob called his father and told him what happened, well Juneau was outraged, so was his wife, Chiasa and an hour later, they saw on the Chawosaurian World News, that Chawosauria is now banning Interfaith relationships, which Juneau and Chiasa asked Jacob, who was the one who called the police on him, the Police did identified the reporter, Jacob Olsen, Juneau and Chiasa Webb got ended up attempting to sue Jacob Olsen for the in-violation of their son's sexual privacy and Chawosauria's banning of interfaith relationships, and that created the case, Webb v. Olsen. The Chawosaurian Supreme Court argued the case on April 30, 2016. On May 1, 2016, the case joined the issue of Mhasalkar v. Chawmania and if the Supreme Court ruled against Webb v. Olsen, this case, Mhasalkar v. Chawmania, would overrule the ruling of Webb v. Olsen, only if the Chawosaurian Supreme Court rules in favor of Mhasalkar.

Position of the Anti-Christian Activists in the case Edit


An Anti-Christian Sign with the Anti-Christian Slogan of the Anti-Christian Movement in Chawosauria

The Anti-Christian Movement played an important role in the case, the Anti-Christians are trying to propose and give a point across to the Christians, that their religion is not acceptable, but is in other nations.

The Anti-Christian Activists are saying to the Christians to get out or if want to stay in Chawosauria, they must throw their religion away, the Activists are protesting at Chawosaurian Government Buildings that Christianity is wrong and should not be allowed in every exception.

They want laws against Christianity with no exceptions, No Christianity on Demand, however, they are trying to block the Christians from giving a message to the Government, by bombing their protests and marches and or shooting at them and their children.

Actions towards Christian Protests and Marches Edit


An Anti-Christian Sign to show to Chawosaurian Governments

The Chawosaurian Anti-Christian Activists attack Christians for protesting and marching for liberation from Anti-Christian Laws and Societal Anti-Christian Attitudes, Anti-Christian Bikers shot 5,216 Christian Civil Rights Activists and terrorized Christian Rallies.

Some Christians do fight back, but they get arrested while the Anti-Christian Bikers don't, Attacking a Christian is not a crime in Chawosauria as Attacking an Anti-Christian Activist is a crime.

Basically the Anti-Christian Bikers can attack the Christians if they want and the Christians are not allowed by law to fight back, if done so, they get punished for defending themselves while the Assaulters don't get punished by law or any regulation.

Anti-Christian Attitudes from Chawosaurian Parents and Families Edit

ACP (1)

An Anti-Christian Sign, telling Parents of Chawosauria to keep their children and telling teachers to keep students away from Christians and Christianity

Chawosaurian Families and Teachers do not like children and students around Christians, rather adults, other children and other students, particular in the same school, however, Teachers in Chawosauria refused to put Christian Students with Non-Christian Students and Principals refuses to hire Christians who want to teach Secular Students and an Exposed Christian Student or Teacher, gets either suspended or expelled, and do get arrested, if minors, they serve in Juvenile Detention Centers, after serving months or whatever in the Detention Centers, if they get out, they have to by law, go to Therapy.

Chawosauria's treatment to Religious Students is that Religious Websites and Information are all under Censorship, Religious Students hide their religion, by Lying and not telling people about it, because they know that if they do reveal their religion, they get Discriminated and or Punished.

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu's Activism in the case Edit

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu is the supporter of the Mhasalkar v. Chawmania and Lawson v. Barnwall cases, however, he supports Victoria Lawson and also, the Chawosaurians oppose Degotoga because of his Liberal Ideas on Religious Freedom, but they support his citizenship.

Abooksigun appointed Degotoga as his named nominated successor, but the Chawosaurians believe that Degotoga is too Liberal and he'll be the cause of the spreading of Conservatism, which Chawosauria also oppose the idea of Conservatism, Conservatism is the enemy idea to Chawosauria, just as equally as Liberalism, Socialism and Communism, so as Libertarianism. The Idea that the Chawosaurians support, is Fascism, because it strengthens the Chawosaurians' emotions and feelings against all people.

The Chawosaurian People oppose the idea of Equality and Justice, and that the Chawosaurians oppose equal rights for Christians because Christians are different from Chawosaurians and don't deserve tobe treated as such an equal class, the Chawosaurians has Uncomfortable views towards Christianity because the Christian Beliefs themselves, conflicts the Values of the Chawosaurian People.

Religious Freedom among LGBT Chawosaurians and Immigrants Edit

Christine Latimore

Promoted Equal Rights Attorney of Chawosauria, Christine Latimore, argued that LGBT Chawosaurians and Immigrants should also receive Religious Freedom through Government Recognition.

On May 20, 2016, Chawosauria promoted Civil Rights Attorney of Chawosauria, Christine Latimore, to argue that Chawosauria should recognize Religious Freedom for everyone, including LGBT Chawosaurians and Immigrants, regardless of Legal or Illegal Status.

The Chawosaurian Government did not want to hear about Religious Freedom for everyone in Chawosauria, however, the Government wanted to suspend her from the Chawosaurian Supreme Court, however, Christine argued on May 21, 2016 that LGBT Chawosaurians and Immigrants, should have access to religious freedom.

Christine Latimore on June 1, 2016, took on the side of Attorney, Sequoyah Bisahalani with taking the case of Mhasalkar.

On June 1, 2016, the Mhasalkar Case is being attempting to go to the United Nations and by the BWRST, the Chawosaurian Government is taking domestic action.

The Orlando Attacks in the United States made it worse for the Religious Community in Chawosauria.

Chawosauria and the United Nations Edit

Being sued in the United Nations Edit

UN Flag

UN Flag

On June 1, 2016, the BWRST are now attempting and planning to take this case to the United Nations International Court of Justice.

The Chawosaurian Jurisdiction would be found a Human Rights Violation in the United Nations International Court of Justice, but the Chawosaurian Nations and the United Nations are both not associative to each other, Chawosauria opposes World Peace and Human Rights, Chawosauria even opposes the Right to Privacy.

Chawosauria's Negative Attitudes towards Human Rights Edit

Chawosauria does not recognize any Human Rights, no Equal Rights, no Right to Privacy, and also, Chawosauria opposes the Freedom of Religion, Chawosauria had always persecute and discriminate on the basis of Religion since the Timothy Max Roosevelt Era and World Peace and Military Intervention are being opposed by the Chawosaurian Government.

Orlando Attacks in the United States Edit

See: Chawosauria and the Orlando Attacks

Chawosaurian Council of World News

Chawosaurian Council of World News having a meeting over the Shooting in Orlando, War on Terror and LGBT Rights in Chawosauria.

On June 15, 2016, the Chawosaurian Council of World News had a meeting and talked with the Chawosaurian Supreme Court and told them that they can't accept religious people, immigrants, LGBT People being risked in danger and Chawosauria getting involved in the war on terror.

The Orlando Attacks was caused by a Muslim-American and was rumored and investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that he has looked at Gay Apps and was in a Gay Chat Room, he championed the Gay Nightclub, eventhough he invaded the club, Chawosauria also founded his strange and weird, he also visited Disneyland, and he even targeted the amusement park, but the park itself is already going to have another tragedy, a 2 year old being attacked by an alligator.

By July 23, 2016, the consideration was handed early as it was supposed tobe held on January 17, 2017.

Consideration Edit

On July 23, 2016 to July 30, 2016, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court had a Decision Consideration on how would the case should go to the Religious Community, a 7-10 Majority voted against religion, but by July 20 or 21, 2016, Jacob Davis left the majority and joined Sharron Lawson's opinion, which left a 6-10 Majority, Joseph Davis is planning on leaving Joseph Collins' opinion and go to Sharron Lawson and it would be a 5-10 tie, June Park is planning on leaving Joseph Collins to Sharron Lawson and would be a 4-10 minority, however, Joseph Davis & June Park are both still following Joseph Collins' opinion on allowing religion that the Chawosaurian Constitution has no Religious Freedom Amendment, thereby not protecting religion, Jessie Collins, who is Joseph Collins' sister, may join Sharron Lawson against her own brother.

Christopher Washington and Frederick Washington both just joined Sharron Lawson's opinion, another Justice, Diana Webb, announced that she'll leave Joseph Collins' opinion by July 23, 2016.

By July 30, 2016, the Court will vote and remake January the 17th, the decision date again.

Re-Argument Edit

On August 26, 2016, the Supreme Court of the Continent Union reargued the debate of this landmark case and the argument was over the issue of Human Rights for Religious People, the debates were very controversy because the justices were very Pro-Donald Trump on Muslim and Immigration Issues, Chawosauria does not allow Immigration, eventhough there is already an unenforced case, the landmark decision, Parker v. Chawmania, ruled that Immigrants, legal and illegal, must be accepted by Chawosaurian Law, but the Chawosaurians don't enforce the judgement of that case, Chawosauria has been struggling with trying to remain their Anti-Religious Laws, but the nation itself is very successful, but may not be, if this case, Mhasalkar v. Chawmania, ruled in favor of Religious Freedom.

Continent Union v. North America Edit

On September 4, 2016, the case, Mhasalkar v. Chawmania was renamed, the reason why was because Timothy Max Roosevelt ii is the leader of the opponents of the Continent Union, the opponents are the Benazidous Continents of Americana, which it's chief leader, North America, and the BWRST is the enemy of Timothy ii and ally of the Continent Union.

The renaming of Mhasalkar became revolutionary and Lawson v. Barnwall became more involved in the Process in this case more, eventhough it had never reached the Chawosaurian Supreme Court in 2016.

Mhasalkar v. Chawmania Edit

On September 13, 2016, the case was renamed from Continent Union v. North America to it's original name.

Discussion about Christianity Edit

Christianity is widely seen as a mental disorder rather than a religion, Discrimination rates are so high over 90% among the Christian Community more than any other Religious group, on October 8, 2016, a poll was drafted that over 100% of Chawosaurian Civilians would not find it appropriate for a Christian running for political or high office, and the impossibleness of acceptance.

On October 10, 2016, the Chawosaurian Government had a meeting with the Chawosaurian Disease Control over disguising rather or not Christianity is a disorder or a religion, an overwhelming majority of the Chawosaurian Government refuse to declassify Christianity as a mental disorder and classify it as a religion.

Decision Edit

On February 13, 2017, the Judges finally agreed after a year debating, they finally decided how the case is gonna turn out, at 7:00, the Judges wrote the Majority Opinions, Lawson wrote the Minority Opinion with Joseph and Jacob Davis, and Joseph Collins wrote the Majority Opinion with Jessie Collins, Jacob Glory, June Park, James Webb, Diana Webb. At 9:00, they announced their Opinions to the Press, and then the Chawosaurian Media was caught by surprise because the decision was supposed tobe held on February the 17th, but the Judges decided early, the Chawosaurian Public hears the message that the Supreme Court decided early and the Chawosaurian Press decided to Broadcast the Decision while the Religious Community and their Supporters and their Opponents crowded and camped on the Supreme Court Garden, there were televisions and radios listening to the Broadcasting Decision, this landmark decision was the first landmark ruling broadcasted. From 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM on the morning of February 14, 2017, the Supreme Court was getting ready for the decision, Joseph Collins was kinda shy, but was confident, same thing with Sharron Lawson.

From 1:00 to 1:59 AM, the Supreme Court's Majority Opinion was harsh and heartbreaking, the Collins Opinion rejected Human Rights for Religious Chawosaurians. At 3:00 to 5:00 AM, the Chawosaurian News Networks and Studios reported that Religion was rejected as a Human Right, the polls stated that 96% of Chawosaurians agreed with the Collins Majority.

Responses Edit

Nobody responded until February 24, 2017, on the tenth day anniversary of the decision, the Chawosaurian Government praised the decision and became a possibility of the signing of SORA.

Aftermath Edit

Religious Freedom in Chawosauria

Chawosaurian Laws on Religion as of February 24, 2017

As of February 24, 2017, Laws on Religion slightly changed on local levels, the Affects have largely affected the Religious Community so heavily negatively, the Chawosaurian Government proposes to Silence the Religious Freedom Movement and pass laws against lawsuits fighting for religious freedom, New laws on Chawosaurian Law Books added to make it illegal for the Religious Community to file lawsuits on the Chawosaurian Government for Discrimination, Persecution and Suppression.

Approval Ratings on the Religious Community Edit

In 2016, the unfavorability ratings of Chawosaurian Religious Community was at 93%, then in 2017, dropped at 91%, but the Mhasalkar case has devastated the Multirultural Community with the worst unfavorability rating since 2011, in March 2017, the Religious Community suffered from an increased unfavorability rating with 95%.

New Laws on Lawsuits on Religious Community Edit

New Chawosaurian Laws banning lawsuits based on Religious Freedom took effect after the decision, Laws like such were passed in a landslide number of Chawosaurian States and not yet been one proposed on the Supreme Court.

Voter Suppression Laws Edit

Numerous Chawosaurian Legislations proposed to ban Religious People from Voting became widely popular by landslide approval ratings showing its popularity,

Legal Suppression in Chawosaurian Law protected by Law Edit

The Chawosaurian Government are passing laws defining Suppression as "Freedom of Speech", and defined Media Suppression, Voter Suppression, and Employment Suppression as "Free Speech".

Analysis Edit

This Lawsuit is the most Decisive Defeat for the Religious Freedom Movement, the reason for the Religious Freedom Movement's decisive defeat was their Alliance with Christianity, the Orlando Attacks, and the War on Terror began with the September 11 Attacks in 2001. Since August 21, 2015, the Religious Community has been affiliated with an Alliance with Chawosauria's most Widely Unpopular Religion in the nation's history, Christianity, the Multicultural Movement received negative and harsh criticism for their ties with Christianity and at the end, this alliance will decisively cost the Movement.

As the months after the Collins Decision ruled their upholding of Chawosauria's Systemic Religious Persecution, it was revealed on November 5, 2017, that Joseph Collins and his allies didn't really rule against the religious community because of their Alignment with Christian Activists, it was because of the Orlando Attacks took place on June 12, 2016, in Florida, the Orlando Attacks powerfully convinced the Collins Coalition that Religion really is dangerous and thought it was the safety of the Chawosaurian People to deny the Multicultural Community religious freedom. The Interview of the Collins Allies led by Collins expressed remorse for agreeing with the Collins Opinion, but they believed that saying No to Freedom of Religion means saying No to Muslims, based on an old saying, "One person gets in trouble, Everybody gets in trouble". The blame of the Collins Majority is yes on the Orlando Attacks.

Reasons for the Defeat of the Religious Community Edit

2016 Orlando Attacks in the United States Edit

Orlando Nightclub Shooting - Obama FULL SPEECH

Orlando Nightclub Shooting - Obama FULL SPEECH

President Obama discussing about the Orlando Attacks.

On June 12, 2016, in Orlando, Florida. An American born terrorist entered an LGBT nightclub and blew up the place with a semi-automatic weapon, killing 49 or 50 people.

Widespread sympathy for the LGBT Community in the United States took place in the Western Civilization. Australia, France, Britain, and more Western Nations used the Rainbow colors in tribute to the Orlando victims.

Meanwhile in Chawosauria, because the perpetrator was a muslim, the opponents of Religious Freedom in Chawosauria used the War on Terror, the Crusades, and the Orlando Attacks to justify their hatred toward Religious, non-Atheistic Chawosaurians.

Steven Anderson on the Orlando Attacks Edit

Christian Pastor Supports Killing “Sodomites"

Christian Pastor Supports Killing “Sodomites"

Steven Anderson praising the Orlando Attacks.

Steven Anderson, an Arizona pastor, praised the Orlando Attacks as "God's Punishment for these people based on their sexual orientation". Which he said on video, that went viral and received widespread criticism and condemnation.

Meanwhile in Chawosauria, during the Mhasalkar fight, the Anti-Religious Chawosaurians used this video as "evidence" that Christianity was a "religion of hate" which strongly convinced the Supreme Court Justices of Chawosauria, and the pro-Religious Freedom activists had a difficult time defending Christianity when the Opponents against Religious Freedom pointed out that the Holy Bible does encourage terrorism based on sexual orientation from the Old Testament, which hurt the standing of Christianity's defenders. One of the reasons why the Religious Community in Chawosauria was not able to win their right to religious freedom under Chawosaurian Law.

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