The Mondalian Coalition is an Inhumane Russophobic Organization serving the Chawosaurian European Parliament meant to Expose and Purge Russian Members of the Parliament and Hurt Chawosaurian Civilians who are of Russian Ancestry as response to the United States Intelligence Community's Accusations that Russia has hacked into the United States Presidential Election in the Support for Donald Trump.

The MC was founded by Evander Mondale, in part with Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII (JSNMVII+D-NY) and Deganawidah M. Bagwunagijik (DMB+D-MN) as their mission to Purge Russian Chawosaurians.

Concerns swept Chawosauria with the Mondalian Coalition planning to take power over the Chawosaurian Government and start cracking down on the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties of Russian-Chawosaurians and support the Xenophobic Russian Exclusion Act of 2017.

History Edit

On November 8, 2016, a highly unpopular and controversial candidate for President of the United States, Donald Trump, an outsider businessman who had no political or military position, never has been to law school, a lack of knowledge of U.S. Foreign Policy and spreading and promoting ignorance and fear of one another because of religion or by question, race, and hypocritically stated that he respects women, Trump had angered the country in bleeding divide with the promotion of violence and discrimination, and thanks to his "politically incorrectness", Trump was so able to win the white house, eventhough he had no support from the popular vote. After he was elected, the CIA with other U.S. Intelligence Agencies have released a bombshell allegation that Russia hacked into the 2016 election, the investigation of Russia attempting to hack the election dated back to the Summer of 2016, when the DNC email accounts were hacked by Wikileaks targeting Hillary Clinton. If the allegations are indeed true, it would mark the Biggest Electoral Fraud in American History as well as the Biggest Political Scandal since Watergate with Trump Associates trying to hide the evidence of inappropriate relations with Russian Government Officials, as well as an Unknown Eastern European Hacker, Gucifer 2.0, a hacker who works for the Russian Government.

Because of the Allegations of Russia having a hacking role in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, the Chawosaurians who were very Anti-Trump grew their blame and prejudice along with fear and ignorance towards Russians with anger and that led to the creation of an Inhumane Organization that would reverse the Civil Rights and Human Rights of Chawosaurians of Russian Descent.