Wise Mistress
Wise Mistress
Vital statistics
Position Family Teacher
Age Aged: 90

Lived: 1903-1993

Status Personal Information

Ethnicity: Algonquian

Religion: Algonquian

Physical attributes
Height 5.61
Weight 42
Nadie Nijlon was the grandmother of Abooksigun Eluwilussit and the great grandmother of Cheasequah Eluwilussit and Nittawosew Eluwilussit, she was the family saint to the Eluwilussit family and she was the teacher of the Liberals of the Eluwilussits and her relations with the Bagwunagijiks was amazing to her great great grandson, Kesegowaase Bagwunagijik.

Nadie's relations with Adsila Ahyoka was peaceful and well and her relations with Ahyoka's family was peaceful, Nadie loved the Atagulkalu-Ahyoka Family in which she knew they were Cherokee and she recognized their kindness of American Southerners, Nadie saw that some of the Cherokee Family, Unega Ahyoka and Adsila Ahyoka are both part of the Cherokee Braves and she accept their Confederate Beliefs.

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