Ohalian Flag
Ohalian Flag
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Pacific Ocean
Inhabitants Unknown
Ohalianity is (maybe a nation?) but is one of Chawosauria's allies, but not the best, under a civil war crisis, their government is tyrant, their emperor, Joseph Songan has been overthrown, and the Ohalians are not supportive in the Chawallianic Wars, or the Chawosaurian Liberation Movement, or any, Ohalianity is considered a lazy ally Chawosauria has ever had to work with.

Ohalianity was not grateful to have Ohalianity around Ohalianity has bad relations with Shihuangdia, even though the alliance in the SCO Pact with Ohalianity & Shihuangdia is not what the Chawosaurians had imagined, Ohalianity and Shihuangdia had been enemies since World War 2 and they both hate each other.

Chawosauria does not know anything about Ohalianity, the two nations are also allies in the SCO Pact, but the Chawosaurians and Ohalians do not associated with each other, even though the Chawosaurians helped the Ohalians through World War 2, Chawosauria protected Ohalianity through the cold war and the Ohalians were very unhappy with the Chawosaurians and Shihuangdians because they never give Ohalianity with any credit, Chawosauria and Shihuangdia never had treated Ohalianity with any respect and Timothy Max Roosevelt sent his troops into Ohalian soil and the Shihuangdians put their tanks on Ohalian residences.

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