Ordinance of Chawosauria
Ordinance of Chawosauria Act
Ordinance of Chawosauria Act
Vital statistics
Start January 26, 1941
End Present Day
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Good Standing, this document is being enforced very well
Location New York City
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
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Civil Rights Act Unknown
The Ordinance of Chawosauria Act was a document signed into Law to a federal international ban on Christianity, it is a very long standing discriminatory document that was voted for by millions of Chawosaurians at the spot and was signed by the votes of the people, it is a very well enforced document, the templates were passed and anti-christian policies and laws were all passed by the Chawosaurian Legislator and the document was signed in to law by Judge, Jonathan Santiago in January 26, 1941 and the supreme judge ordered all of the international police force to arrest any Christian and Jewish who complained to the Ordinance of Chawosauria Act and killed them.

A Christian Pastor, Garfield Santiago, who is the leader of the Chawosaurian Orthodox Church, tried to oppose the document, but he had no legal right to tell the Chawosaurian Government what to do, the Orthodox Church was the international church of Chawosauria, but the international church didn't had the legal right to control the international government, the international baptist church was also against the Ordinance of Chawosauria Act, but the baptist church was could not have the right to control what the government, the baptist pastor, Malcolm Santiago preached against it, but because of that, he was assassinated, the Chawosaurian International Government ordered all Christian Pastors tobe Assassinated and Arrested for their Participation against the Ordinance of Chawosauria Act and offending the Act.