Potira Castro Eluwilussit
Potira Castro
Potira Castro Eluwilussit
Vital statistics
Position Liberal Activist


Age January 13, 1990

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Birthdate)

Born Unknown
Died Still Alive
Status Biological Information

Ethnicity: Amerindian

Religion: Atheism

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Single or still dating
Sons No sons or unknown
Daughters No daughters or unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Potira Castro is the Liberal Activist of the Liberalization of the Chawosaurian Liberation Movement and she is married to Attakullakulla Eluwilussit, the son of Abooksigun Eluwilussit.

Potira is Native American from Brazil and she is one of those, supporting the Freedom of Religion Movement and she works with her sister-in-law, Nittawosew Eluwilussit and her brother-in-law, Cheasequah Eluwilussit. Potira has no interests in religion, she is Atheist but she is Apatheist, meaning she has Apathy of religion meaning she doesn't care about religion or it's values.

Potira Castro has no interests in any gods, goddesses, but supports Freedom of Religion as a liberal, many and many Chawosaurians have been interviewing with Potira since in the road of politics had got involved.

Potira Castro is responsible for Strengthen the rebels, patriots and she strengthened Abooksigun Eluwilussit's rebellion system and strengthened Adsila Ahyoka's women's rights, LGBT and Liberal Advocacy and went with Abooksigun on the summit on November 28, 2015, the Moscow Summit along with Adsila, the Moscow Summit was a meeting with Abooksigun Eluwilussit and Timothy Max Roosevelt ii. She married Attakullakulla in December of 2015 and Potira had plans with having a child with Attakulla.