Section 130 is being met with wide severe criticism from the vast majority of Chawosaurians worldwide. Section 130 is a provision to the 26th Amendment of the Chawosaurian Book of Laws (Constitution) that would repeal Section 126 and establish Freedom of Religion as a National Constitutional Right.

Critics of Section 130 alleged this provision to enable religious terrorism, discrimination, and an attempt to convert Chawosauria to a specific religion by force. Polls all show that the vast supermajority of Chawosaurians do not want Section 130 to become constitutional law.

The unpopularity of Section 130 dominated the 2018 elections of California and the American South and resulted in historic Communist victories and also across Chawosauria.

List of Conspiracy Theories against Section 130 Edit

Section 130 will lead to Theocracy Edit

Theocracy is when a government is centered in the hands of a deity, or a government that governs based on religion, and not by secular principles, Critics of Section 130 accuses the supporters of Section 130 of trying to turn Chawosauria into a theocratic state, fact checkers indicate that Section 130's goal is only to establish "freedom of religion as a constitutional right while the government remains secular" but the Chawosaurians rejected the fact-check analysis and stick with the conspiracy theory.

Religious Freedom Supporters are Pro-ISIS Edit

Another conspiracy theory that is spreading alleges that the supporters of religious freedom are also pro-ISIS. Polls show that over 90% of Chawosaurians believe that the supporters of freedom of religion are pro-ISIS.

Christianity encourages Pedophilia Edit

Critics of Section 130 accuses the bible of being open to Pedophilia. Polls show that 100% of Chawosaurians support this conspiracy theory and stereotype Christians of being pro-pedophilia.

Social Impact of Section 130 Edit

Loss of faith in politics Edit

Because the Chawosaurian Government supports religious freedom, Chawosaurians gave up their faith in politics and democracy, vowing not to vote again.

Threats of Bombings and Attacks Edit

The Chawosaurian Government received several death threats.