Ethnic Civil Rights in Chawosauria
Chawmanian Ethnicity
Ethnicity Civil Rights Issues
Some attributes
First Civil Rights Movements
Second Racial Discrimination
Third Racist Terrorism
Other attributes
Fourth Freedom of Religion
Fifth Human Rights
Sixth Human Equality
In Chawosauria, all racial minorities of Chawosauria face legal challenges from Racial Discrimination and Bashing, especially Black People including white people, the largest ethnicity of Chawosauria is Decarian, a race that a person has red skin, dark black hair and green eyes, the race was created by the dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt, as he was Native American from the U.S. but he had green eyes based on his European ancestry, in Chawosauria, worse as gay bashing, racial bashing is abusive assault among people who are not Decarian, but in Chawosauria, they are 2% of free black people while 91% of other blacks are under Slavery, in Chawosauria, Slavery is a divided institution and the Chawosaurians have Zero tolerance for Hispanic immigrants, a Hispanic is a Latin America, like example, Mexican, Mexicans are Hispanic currently, also Native Americans.

Chawosauria is an Xenophobic Society, Xenophobia is hatred, prejudice, dislike and also fear against Foreign Immigrants and also it is discrimination against immigrants and Chawosauria is also a Theophobic Society, Theophobia is fear, hatred and prejudice against Religion, also known as Religiophobia, the Chawosaurians are having Religious Issues in Chawosauria. Chawosauria bashed and brutalized and also intimidate all people based on race, religion (especially Christians) and gender identity.

Chawosauria is also a Lesbophobic Society, Lesbophobia is fear, intolerance and prejudice against Lesbians, which a Lesbian is a Female Homosexual, the Chawosaurians torture and intimidate Lesbians and the reason why is because of Women are minors, Chawosauria is a Sexist Society, women are not considered equal to men.

Human Rights Edit

Chawosauria has no tolerance for Immigrants, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender and Female Sexuality. In Chawosauria, interracial dating, marriage, also interracial sexual activity is prohibited, regardless of sexual orientation, Christianity is a capital crime, Chawosauria has 0.00% of Racial Equality, or Gender Equality and Religious Equality.

Slavery in Chawosauria Edit

In Chawosauria, immigration to Chawosauria is illegal, immigrants are arrested and found guilty for immigration to Chawosauria and the penalty is Slavery, in Chawosauria, Slavery is mostly an institution of punishment, but when it comes to People who are Black, Ginger, Aryan and Argyrian, Slavery is a racist institution, sometimes when Christians are found guilty for Christianity, they are punished with slavery and they face literally 60.273 Million Lashes each day when misbehave.

Liberation of Human Rights Edit

Racial Minorities (not all of them) are being granted with equal rights, except Aryans, Gingers, Argyrians and Black Peoples and immigrants are not being promised with any rights, nor women, but women are lucky because of the Chawosaurian Feminist Liberation Movement and religion, no right has been promised to any religion, but the religious minorities are fighting for religious freedom, compare to the Freedom of Religion Movement.

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