Santino Anton Delgado
Santino Anton Delgado
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age January 26, 1990

Cameron County, Texas, USA

Status Personal Information

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Religion: Christianity

Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Santino Delgado was the advocate added to Chawosauria's Chawosaurian Liberation Movement, Santino is one of the friends of Santino Deleon and had before dated him.

Chawosauria has a Gay Rights System and they intolerate discrimination against Gay and Bisexual men only, the Chawosaurians strictly protect Delgado and Deleon and they are in Protective Warmth.

In the Chawallianity Renaissance, Santino provided the supplies for the Chawosaurian Revolutionary Army and he expanded all of Samantha Wawetseka's knowledge from her to all over the Chawosaurian and Chawmanian Rebellions.

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