The Secularization of Chawosauria lasted from 1741-1941, lasted from 200 years, Secularization is a liberal act that separates religion from the state, the Chawosaurians began the popular Secularization of Chawosauria Movement that lasted from 1738 to 1938 and gets rid of the State Religion of the Chawallian Traditional and Ethnic Religion, Chawalliankalitanism, the Chawallian God, Chawigold is largely forgotten and the only Chawosaurianic People, who recognized Chawigold still as their Ethnic God, the Kalitans, the system of Rationalization of Chawosauria, began with replacing Chawallian Tradition into pure atheism and or agnosticism.

The Chawosaurians followed the teachings of Timothy and began affirming to his political teachings.

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