In Chawosaurian Politics, the Sustainability Development, and Environmental Protection Act of 2018 is a Socialist Arsenal that establishes government regulations on Environmental Protection and Safety and establishes Sustainability Development to transform Chawosauria into a Renewable Building Economy.

The law was purposed by Degotoga K. Atagulkalu and passing this law is gonna be a big challenge, the Chawosaurian Constitution prohibits Environmental Protection, in order for this piece of legislation to repeal that Anti-Environmentalist Constitutional Amendment, must be unanimously ratified by the states and be brought to a Direct Democratic Referendum.

On June 25, 2018, the House of Dynasties scheduled the passing of the Sustainability Act on July 3, 2018.

This amendment includes Chawosauria to establish and develop renewable energy concepts including, Sustainable Energy, Transportation, Cities, Agriculture, Architecture, and Hydroelectricity.

Provisions Edit

Section Provision
Section I This Socialist and Environmentalist Arsenal shall be named the "Sustainability Development and Environmental Protection Act"
Section II The goal of this piece of legislation is to move Chawosauria from a non-renewable energy nation to a renewable energy nation with the passage of the "Drilling and Mining Prohibition Act"
Section III The Development of Sustainability in our cities, farms, suburbs, and other areas in Chawosauria shall be mandatory under the SDEPA Plan.
Section IV The Chawosaurian Government shall invest money into Sustainability Projects, Sustainable Agriculture, Architecture, Energy, Transportation, and Sustainable Urbanization, the creation of Green technologies, Green Building, Hydroelectricity, Sustainable Cities, Eco-municipalities, and several other more renewable energy projects.

Steps to Pass SDEPA Edit

Steps Directions Status
Step I Must be brought to the Courthouses of the Chawosaurian Judicial Assembly and be approved the Constituent Judge of the Judicial District the SDEPA originated from. Succeeded
Step II Must be brought to the House of Dynasties and get unanimously approved by the Lordmasters of the House of Dynasties, once that's achieved, the Head to Head Lordmaster must stamp approve the amendment for ratification by the Chawopolis Palace. Succeeded
Step III In the Chawopolis Palace, where there is the Parliament and the Congress, It must be first get passed by the Parliament first by a majority, the House of Commons will vote first, if successful, it will be voted last in the House of Lords, if that's also successful, it will be brought to Congressional faction of the Palace, the House of Representatives will vote on first, if successful, the House of Senators will vote last.
Section IV Once the Chawopolis Palace, both the Parliamentary and Congressional Factions, approved the amendment by majority votes, it will be ratified by the states, but, a unanimous ratification is strictly mandatory.
Section V Once the amendment is successfully ratified unanimously by the administrative divisions of Chawosauria, the Monarch of Chawosauria must sign the amendment to Constitutional law.
Section VI If the Monarch vetoes the amendment, it will be brought to a mandatory referendum, in order for the veto to be overturned, the majority of the monarch's constituents (voters) must vote on the amendment favorably, once the amendment was approved by the people, it immediately becomes law and the veto is overturned.