The Timothy Dynasty or the Family of Timothy Max Roosevelt is the incumbent ruling dynasty of Chawosauria and is the largest family in Chawosaurian History, the President of the Family is Timothy Windsor and the founder of the Dynasty is Timothy Max Roosevelt.

The Family is so large, they live various parts of the world, the demographics of the family is that they're racially Multiracial and religiously Multicultural. The family is one of Chawosauria's most powerful family and fictionally the most powerful dynasty in the world.

Since 2016, the Dynasty is unionized of 17 most powerful and largest families of Chawosauria, the dynasty is super wealthy and are the most highly most advanced and most diverse family, despite Timothy tried to create an Atheistic Family Generation, but the Multicultural Diversity is so popular among the family caused that to fail.

History Edit

The Ancestry of the Timothy Dynasty vary by each Family, but dates back to the Medieval Era, there are no records of Prehistoric or Ancient Family Trees. The Dagruns, Lincolns, and the Beshiltheenies are the families who led to the birth of Timothy Max Roosevelt in 1910, the other families, the Shanyangs, and the Alexandrias led to the birth of Elizabeth Mary Alexandria in 1920. In 1935, the two people. Timothy and Elizabeth married and bored 23 Children and grew the family, even more, larger, and in a few decades, the Family has grown even wider.

As a Dynasty Edit

The Largest Family in Chawosauria, they are a ruling dynasty, and have alot of money in their hands, when both Timothy Max Roosevelt and Elizabeth Mary Alexandria died two years apart between 2011 and 2013, their wealth and fortune had

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