During the Reign of Timothy Max Roosevelt, the Chawosaurians faced numerous death penalties in the capital punishments, the Chawallians punished all criminals with death but any form of death Timothy wanted them to face, Timothy was horribly insane when it comes to capital punishment, the Chawallians used brutal and war force to enforce the laws of Timothy. Timothy absolutely uses his military to enforce the law.

Timothy terrorized those who were a threat to his power, the Chawosaurians who hidden their Christian Identities, never show their Christian Identity, the Jews had successfully hidden their identities than the Christians because the Christians who couldn't anymore deal with portending tobe something they're not, freak out and open out which causes that Christian to get arrested and face the death penalty.

"I have my own way of punishing my people" Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt was an independent Dictator, he could do what ever he wanted and the government has no power over that, Timothy was the government of the government and the dictator of the dictators and the ruler of the people and the emperor of the emperors and the general of the generals and the officers of the officers and the judge of the judges and the tyrant of the tyrants.

The independence of Timothy Max Roosevelt was very scary and brutal for the government, no one had any power over Timothy and nobody could impeach him and nobody could tell him what to do, Timothy was absolutely independent and he can make any law he wanted and punish anyone he wanted for any reason or no reason at all.

List of Punishments of Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Nuclear Bombing on the people Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt developed nuclear weapons to punish his people for any rebellions and insults, the crimes which leads to the Bomb Penalty is rebellion

Libertarian Rebellion Edit

In 1976-1978, the Libertarian Chawallians rebelled against Timothy Max Roosevelt, but when Timothy just developed nuclear weapons, Timothy had an idea to use his atomic weapons to punish the Libertarian Rebels, he dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Garbatian because of the Libertarian Revolution, the Libertarians were badly brutalized and deciding in 1978 to give up.

Slavery Edit

Timothy was the first to believe that Slavery should be an institution of punishment, any minor crimes such as stealing, lying and Adultery and other crimes such as gang banging and rape carried the penalty is Slavery.

Sculpturefixion Edit

Sculpturefixion is a common Chawallianic punishment that the prisoner who is accused of Christian Supremacy and Neo-Confederate American Participation are placed in chains and the placed either be a table where your body is laid, the Chawosaurian Executioner grab a hammer and a Roman Big Nail and place the pointy end of the Big Nail on the side of her head and hit with the hammer which would cause the nail to stab through your head and would kill you in a few minutes.

Satan's tub Edit

The devil's tub is a bathtub that the tub is nice looking, but the shower nozzle blows out fire and the bottom fossil does not lets water out, it lets out deadly insects such as Black Widows and floods the bathtub, the crimes that leads to the Devil's tub is Disrespecting Timothy Max Roosevelt.

Satan's Maze Edit

Anyone who were Muslim, Mexican or other Hispanic, Timothy so dearly hated Mexicans and he ordered them to be eaten by Timothy's pet anaconda snake that occupied the maze, Timothy called his pet anaconda, Bessie as a proper name for Bessie is bad.

Crucifixion Edit

Under the laws of Timothy Max Roosevelt, anyone who betrays the Loyalty of Timothy gets Crucifixion but not like the Romans, you'll be nailed on your hands, fingers, elbows, knee caps, upper and lower legs, upper and lower arms.

Famine, Dissection and Cannibalism Edit

Anyone who is a christian or participated in Christianity, will go to the concentration camps and spend two years of slave labor and at the end of the two years of slave labor, they'll famine, being dissected alive and will be eaten by the Chawallian People, Timothy installed Christian Slaughter Houses in the Concentration Camps and would spend two years of slave labor and would famine during slave labor and once the Christian Slaves are all famined up, it's time to dissect them and eat them.

Boiling Oil, Chemical Water and Lava Edit

Timothy prohibited Judaism, Timothy gave the order to punish Jews who ever illegally participated in Jewish traditions by dipping and drowning Jews into boiling Chemical Water, Oil and Lava into his chemical water and burning oil tanks and lava tanks.

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