Timothy Max Roosevelt believes in Male Chauvinism which is a branch of Chauvinism that beliefs that Men are superior to women and also Women are minors and men are the dominate figures, Timothy opposed Women's Rights and Feminism and Timothy opposes sexism, but he opposes women's rights, Timothy believed that women must be treated with respect by their husbands, but Timothy passed an Ordinance that if a man (including the husband) committed or attempts to rape the woman, that woman has the equal right to take that rapist, even if that rapist is her husband, to court and the state will decide to divorce the married couple.

Timothy opposes man abuse to women, Timothy signed and passed laws regarding abuse against women, also abuse against men, Timothy said, Women are not to hit men, men are not to hit women, Timothy passed an ordinance that if a woman hits her husband, it is disrespecting the superior and the man has the legal right to punish his wife, if the man hits his wife for no reason, the woman gets to take her husband to court and the state decides to divorce the married couple.

Ordinances and Policies against women Edit

Women's Legal Rights Edit

Women cannot be educated to read and write, but can be educated about their rights, privileges and also about mathematics. Women are unequal to have Full time equal and civil rights as men and women are unequal tobe educated in law, except court rights and men's respect to women and women's respect to men.

Women and Marriage Edit

Under Chawallian Law, All women must be married to men, but not to other women, in Chawosauria, Female Homosexuality is illegal, but not Male Homosexuality.

Women and Children Edit

In Chawosauria, women can't have jobs, the only job they have is responsibility, that responsibility is raising the children and taking care of the family and residence.

Women's Responsibility Edit

Under Chawallian Law, women must get married and have children, women are unequal to vote, get employed, and also have a Citizenship, women are not citizens but do have follow Stateless Codes. Women are to raise the children, take care of the household, respect their husband, (including obeying him) and also are to have good attitudes with the choices the state give them.

Men Codes Edit

Men's freedom Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt signed the men's world act that gives men boundless freedom, including the Freedom of Sexuality (which women don't have), all men are all created equal regardless of their political origin, sexual orientation and prides. But not all men are equal, any man who is a Christian, who does not have red skin, green eyes, dark black hair, that doesn't have a Chawallian Ancestry, are unequal to society, men are expected tobe the way Timothy Max Roosevelt says are perfect, not who are uncivilized.

Male Same-Sex Marriages Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt signed the Gay & Bisexual Men's Rights Act in 1950, giving gay and bisexual men the equal opportunity to have Sexual Freedom, except rape, elder incest and Interracial Sexual Activity. Timothy approves Same-Sex Marriages for Gay and Bisexual Men Only.

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