Timothy Max Roosevelt passed ordinances regarding Homosexuality, in 1941, Timothy said that all men are all equal to engage of sexual activity with any gender they want, but women are not allowed to engage in same-sex sexual activity, in which women are minors and men are the underdogs.

Timothy Max Roosevelt passed laws regarding women's rights and signed the Gay Rights Act in 1943 and in 1950, Timothy signed the Gay and Bisexual Men's Rights Act.

In the 1970s, Timothy rejected the request to sign the Buggery Act into law and was bipartisanly rejected by both the Communist Coalition led by Timothy himself and the Democratic Socialist Coalition led by George Windsor.

Timothy's true opinion of Homosexuality is currently unknown, but since Timothy was born in a time when Homosexuality wasn't very acceptable legally and socially in the United States, nobody believes that Timothy has a positive reaction towards Homosexuals.