Unega Ahyoka
Unega Ahyoka
Unega Ahyoka
Vital statistics
Position Comedian
Age January 20, 1947

Cherokee Nation

Status Personal Information

Ethnicity: Cherokee

Religion: Cherokee

Physical attributes
Height 5.8
Weight 64
Unega Ahyoka is a Chawosaurian Comedian who is very funny and she had been supporting the Chawosaurian Liberation Movement and is the activist of the Chawosaurian Feminist Liberation Movement, Unega is a widow of Samuel Boswell and is the mother of 12 Children from two husbands and she is the elder sister of Adsila Ahyoka and the friend of Samantha Wawetseka and the sister-in-law of Abooksigun Eluwilussit and the great aunt of Kesegowaase Bagwunagijik, she is a supporter to the Freedom of Religion Movement and she is not in favor of the Christian Civil Rights Movement and Unega has extreme support for the LGBT Affirming Christian Denomination only and she opposes religious domination over a country.

Unega joined the Libertarian Party of the United States when she was 23 years old and when the issue of Same-Sex Marriage came into the table, Unega opened up and said she supports it because her tribal religion does not say anything about marriage, nor sexual orientation, she dated a Navajo Indian man and is expecting to marry him by March 18, 2016.

Unega opposes America's involvements into many and many wars and recognizes America has an institution of self defense only which was founded by the founding fathers, Unega recognizes the Vietnam War as a war that could corrupt the country, she believes that America should use their war power, only for self defense and not to get alarmed by other nations' wars, she admires her ancestor, Atsadi and she has dated since high school, her first date was a Navajo Indian, but he was apart of the Communist Party of the United States, Unega enjoyed World History and she met Timothy Max Roosevelt in 1981 and she had a conference with Elizabeth Mary Alexandria, she was a good friend to Jennifer Roosevelt and Unega recognizes that her nephew, Cheasequah Eluwilussit married the Granddaughter of Timothy Max Roosevelt, which Unega founded that unapproved and she discouraged her nephew for that, but she accepts it because she would make her nephew happy and Unega wants that.

Overview Edit

Unega Ahyoka has been the most important advocate after Degotoga Atagulkalu and she advocates in Chawosauria for the decriminalization of Christianity and the Recognition of Human Rights and the Acceptation of Immigrants and she is the main advocate for Self Defense Policy.

Early Life Edit

Unega Ahyoka was born on January 20, 1947 in Cherokee County, Oklahoma and she was the oldest of five children and is Adsila Ahyoka and Degotoga Atagulkalu's oldest sister and her parents were liberals and they demand civil rights.

Unega Ahyoka became advocating for the American Civil Rights Movement and she met an African American man and married him but divorced after having children, she was in favor of Gay Rights and Civil Rights and she supported Jane Roe in the Roe vs Wade supreme court case of 1971 to 1973.

Unega had divorced and married again to Samuel Knox Boswell and unknown event on what to her second husband, she did had children and Unega had been the most important advocate for Liberalism for the Chawosaurians.

Advocacy Edit

Unega advocates for the Decriminalization of Christianity and she advocates for Human Rights and Equal Rights for all people in Chawosauria, particular for immigrants.

Personal Life Edit

Unega is Cherokee Indian and she is of the Cherokee Faith, she was married twice and she had alot of children, she is a liberal.

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