United States of America
American Flag
American Flag
United States
United States of America
Vital statistics
Type Country, also a superpower (since 1945)
Level American Democracy is under a good standing, except the social issues of America over the issues of Racial Riots, Gun Control, Gay Rights, Immigration Reform and Progressivism
Location North America
Inhabitants 300 Million (2016)
The United States of America is a country in North America that stretches across the entire continent of North America that was caused by the manifesto destiny, which was the belief that it was god's will for the United States to expand it's eastern border to the western side of north america to the pacific coasts.

America is one of the world's most greatest countries, but it's currently one of the world's most dangerous countries due to Racial Riots, Gun Violence and the issues of LGBT Rights, but America is the world's most inspiring country, everybody outside of America wanted the same thing America has, well because America was the first country to have an all time democracy, America was one of the first (actually the very first) to successfully break away from a Highly Advanced and Powerful World Dominate Colonial European Empire, which America is the blame of the fall of the Colonial British Empire, America has been the world's only sole superpower since the Fall of the USSR of 1991, in fact, Russia is recovering power under Vladimir Putin, America's legacy as a country, is very divided, and more hurtful ones, to Pro-Americans, America is the best thing that has ever happen to this world, because the world wants what America has, but to people like, Libertarians, or Anti-Americans, America is a very abusive country that doesn't take special care of their power as a peace maker, unfortunately the founding fathers of the United States founded America tobe a neutral and self-defensible country, but before the 20th century, America did actually abused their war power as a country by killing Indigenous folks, trying to take over other countries and or their territories, and America cared less about other peoples' rights, America was the Nazi Germany of North America at that time because America was formerly a country of racism, sexism, fiscal conservatism, and unjust traditional values, like example, America believed in assimilation over the Native Americans because their version of traditional values was not respected by the Americans, and said that it was "Un-American", America had still mistreated Native Americans literally until the 20th century, and still happens today.

America has political and social and civil issues, the Constitution was being stepped on for reasons and alittle bit of unjust reasons, the Americans have no respect their own freedom, and do it by abusing their rights to bear arms by harming innocents, which caused the Democrats to get involve negatively towards the second amendment, Gay Rights are a social issue, according to the first amendment, it does explains religious freedom, the bible says that Homosexuality is immoral and marriage is the union of god between only one man and only one woman as husband and wife as parts of the lord's image of how family should look, but they are Christian Denominations who don't agree, Some American Christian Denominations do support same-sex marriage (including LGBT Rights), like example, the United Church of Christ does welcome LGBTIQ people and they don't call them "Sinners", because the UCC doesn't believe or recognized the "Sin of Homosexuality and Transgenderism", and believe that same-sex marriage is what pleases god equally does opposite-sex marriage.

America's capital is Washington DC which the city was formerly called Jamestown, but was renamed after the first president, George Washington, a legendary president, America (because of universal human rights) changes alot, which that's the way it should be.

Etymology Edit

The United States was named and given because of the 13 Colonies came together as a union against the British for freedom because they want the right to do as they please, and the word America came from the name, Amerigo Vespucci, a Cartographer, what happen was that just after the Americas were discovered under the accidental discovery of Christopher Columbus in 1492, Amerigo drew the map of the islands, BUT, the Europeans went to the other lands of the Americas, but Columbus discovered the Caribbean, not the North American Mainland, but after Columbus' revolutionary discovery, Europeans accidentally landed on other lands of the Americas, when the discoveries were completed, Amerigo drew a map of (not just the Caribbean) but the giant islands of the America near the Caribbean, and he discovered that they were two separate continents because they look separate, and he named those continents, the Americas, after his name, northern part of the Americas, North America, southern Americas, South America.

But hundreds of years later in the Colonies, they rebelled against the British, the colonies called themselves, the United Colonies, or the "United Colonies of the Americas" later became the United States of America. maybe it means, "we are the most united colonies in the americas", that maybe how the USA got it's name from.

History Edit

Native Americans Edit

Before European Contact, the lands were covered and dominated by Native Americans, the world's most famous cultural people in world history, which were famous by their breading, their housing styles, the way their warriors looked, they way they hunted bison, and the way they dressed and look, however, the Native Americans actually still live today, according to biracialism, there is a percentage of Americans who are mixed with European and Native American, while there's still full-blooded Native Americans today.

European Contact Edit

In 1492, Christopher Columbus wanted to help Europe to find an easy way for Europe to trade with Asia, by crossing the ocean to Asia instead of going around the old world, as Columbus saw land, they wanted, unfortunately, they though it was Asia, back then they're were no GPSs, secondly, the Europeans didn't even knew that the Americas were even in the way, Columbus saw the people who lived on the Caribbean, called them "Indians" which were mistakenly thought as they were Asian Indians, like India, which that's way the Native Americans were called and still being called Indians, Columbus was confused and then he realized that he wasn't in India, or Indonesia, or China, in which Columbus realized he was in the Caribbean, he contacted Spain and said "hey come look what i found", as the Spanish came to the Caribbean, met Columbus, they saw that this was a very different land, and yet, nice, and it had cotton and sugar over there, of course, Europe wanted sugar, they thought the Indians had Gold, Europeans had an economic lust for Gold and Sugar, especially cotton, in which the Spanish got ended up conquering the Aztecs & Incas and took their land and colonized, making Spain the first European land to do so.

But as the Spanish did so, established a new colony called New Spain, which lasted from 1549-1821. And Amerigo discovered the lands the Euros found, were Continents, and called them the Americas after drawing a map of it, which that wasn't the current look, back then there was no google earth or maps, so Amerigo drew the map instead.

European Colonization Edit

Spain colonized the Americas in the 1490s and completed in the 1540s, clear that the Spanish were very abusive to the Native Americans because they were different.

Geography Edit

Climate Edit

Demographics Edit

Government Edit

Views from Chawallianity Edit

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