I'll Give You My Universe
Bisexual Universe
"I'll Give You My Universe"
Released October 20, 2009
Recorded October 1, 2009
Length Unknown
Label Unknown
Producer Jacob Potter
The Album, "Universe" was recorded by the Bisexual Universe and the purpose is to Advocate the Bisexual Revolution and also, it was recorded to Timothy Max Roosevelt and Chawallianity, the Album was sang by Japez who was a Bisexual Advocate of the Japezian Movement, Japez had made 900,235,958,567 Copies more than any other artist in Chawosauria, on October 20, 2009, Japez came out in Chawosepia and the Chawosepians did not approve to his Bisexuality, nor the Shihuangdians, in Shihuangdia, they were 60,238,692,670 Copies and in Chawosepia, they were over 10,000,456,872,563,263,9,235 Copies.

Japezian Movement Edit

In the Japezian Movement, Japez interviewed with Catherine Roosevelt and Deganawidah Eluwilussit in October 2009 and he interviewed with the Bisexual Universe Show and Channel.

Japez had Liberalized many and many Shihuangdians but the ruler did not approve to the LGBT Supporters, Shihuangdia's Lordmaster, Cameron McDonald believed in the Sanctity of Sexuality and he failed to keep Japez's Album from selling, but he failed to do so.

In October 20, 2015, on the sixth anniversary of the release of Japez's famous Album, the Bisexual Universe ended and the Chawosaurian Independence Council Conference knocks down Biphobia in Shihuangdia and Chawosepia. Japez won the metal of Strong Advocacy.