Vikingian Christianity
Vikingian Christianity is the type of a Christian Branch that is today currently fighting against it's Current Christianophobic Enemy, Chawosauria, and is working to liberate the Christians who are in Captivity under Chawosaurian Supremacy and is mixed with Catholicism and Orthodoxy and is currently were the descendants of the Vikings from the Chawallian-Viking War and is one of the Main Opponent of the Chawallianic Wars.

The Vikingian Christians started the Orthodox Tsardom as a weapon to overthrow Chawosauria, but the empire dissolved under the order of EPICE, which was also a Chawallianic weapon against another enemy's weapon, after the Christians once again failed, they'll try again overthrowing the Chawosaurians, without using a country as a tool to conquer the Chawosaurians, the Vikingian Empire, also known tobe the Orthodox Tsardom, had also been removed off the map and overthrew their theocracy over western Russia.

In Kievan Russia, all Vikingians evacuated the land after the beginning of the Chawosaurian Revolutionary War, the Vikingians are currently losing the wars, they've been facing numerous defeats since Timothy Max Roosevelt, Timothy weakened the Vikingian Christians with his dangerous power and his most feared military power, destruction and genocides.